The Difference between Planners, Designers and Venue Coordinators

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01 May 2017

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Let’s face it...

Let’s face it, most brides, couples or clients organizing an event are completely clueless about the difference between an event planner, event designer, and a venue coordinator….or what’s worse, they have the HUGE misconception that one can perform the role of the other very easily.


These services have become so interchangeable that at times it’s very difficult to tell them apart. And it’s very unfortunate that some local banquets managers don’t take the time to educate their clients about the values of these professionals. It’s just mind blowing to me that some of them will not hesitate on telling their clients that a planner or designer is unnecessary without learning first their needs. No wonder clients are left so confused about who does what. So here is my attempt to describe each role and clear the air:


EVENT PLANNER is well knowledgeable in coordination and budget. It is the best allied you can have to help you stay aligned with your timeline and budget. They handle all the logistical details of your event from hiring vendors; dress shopping, managing guest list, selection of food and beverages, etc. Planners usually have great relationship with other area professionals like caterers, designers, florist, DJs; they are great at negotiating pricing and contracts with their industry colleagues and can often get you discounts or add-on. A planner is a huge asset for your event and their valued expertise can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.


EVENT DESIGNER focuses on designing the aesthetics of you event. Think of them as the interior designer of your event, and their primary job is to bring in the “wow” factor. They work on developing the look of your stationery, flowers, colors scheme, lighting, props selection, favors, table scapes, backdrops and creative displays. They are creative and resourceful and have the ability to envision and create custom items for you. So if you are looking for a cohesive, unique, and unforgettable experience for your special day hiring an event designer is a MUST! And may I add that here at Happy Happenings Events & Design we specialized in event designing, our services are customizable and we are passionate about creating beautiful and creative events.


VENUE COORDINATOR works for the venue you have selected. They represent your venue and they make sure to walk you through all the documentations required for your event. They are also the go to person if you have any questions about the venue or its policies. Most of the time they are not trained event professionals but are there to make sure you follow all venue’s guidelines. During the planning process they typically hand you a list of their “preferred vendors” who they frequently work with. Some of these vendors might pay a referral fee to your venue to be on their list. So before rushing into any of them do your research and find out if the work of these vendors speaks to your heart.


Well happy bloggies, I hope this post answered some of your questions and that we now have a better understanding of who does what in the industry. Please remember that nothing lightens your load more while planning your wedding or special celebration than entrusting the details to the hands of the right expert.


Happy Thursday everyone!



Sally <3

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